Diamond Vault NV

With a history of the passion of four generations in gems and jewellery, one of the newer entrants in the Antwerp diamond business world is Diamond Vault NV. This company is a global diamond trading and full-service sales entity with more than 400 clients in Antwerp itself. Founded on an impressive, international trading network, Diamond Vault NV focuses on polished diamonds trading, providing 'two-way quotes' on almost any stone in stock. They profess and enjoy a relationship of trust and mutual respect in their dealings with their clients, suppliers and service providers. Their execution encompasses speed, price compatibility, discretion and ongoing open dialogue with the purpose to achieve the clients' objective. From retailers to wholesalers, traders to manufacturers and jewellers, their mission is to put their interests first and to measure success in terms of their client's success.

Their Founder-Managing Director Mr. Girish Kadel comes from a family whose roots are deeply entwined with the diamond business in India for almost 100 years. Reinforced by his expertise and extensive network in the diamond industry, Diamond Vault NV delivers state-of-the-art technology, up-to-date prices, and exhibits a robust understanding evolving market dynamics and emerging opportunities

At Diamond Vault NV, they deliver a unique arrangement - the stamp of superior goods and the assurance of excellent services - delighting their customers and striving for perfection in their craft. They are governed by their core principles - long-term partnership creation, innovative thinking and a dedicated commitment to excellence - instilled in each activity throughout the organization. They are driven by a passion for innovation in their manufacturing arm by investing in the latest machinery, R&D, and training for artisans to continuously optimize their polish output. To further establish the company’s commitment towards excellence, before any definitive sale is made, the stones are re-polished by renowned polishers with a strong reputation in the diamond market.

Diamond Vault NV has already registered a significant presence in the diamond trading space and that they continue to deliver great value to all their stakeholders, suppliers and customers.